Most sensational ad of the decade – Ronaldo and Messi at chess

On November 20, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be launched in Qatar – an epoch-making event in the world of sports, although it is surrounded by numerous scandals. Despite all the rumors, brands are showing unprecedented interest in the tournament. Louis Vuitton “prepared” best of all, presenting an advertising campaign of their suitcases a day before the start of the tournament, which immediately received the prefix “historical”.

In a single image, which simply “blew up the Internet” in a matter of hours, two of the greatest football players of our time – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi play chess on the famous Louis Vuitton trunks, using cells of a pattern on the skin instead of a board. This is the first time in history that two bitter rivals appear in the same advertisement. However, the degree of tension does not fall: the discussion about which of this couple is the greatest player in history is, in an average, open.

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To answer this question, experts on the network immediately analyzed this chess game and came to the conclusion that the players would have to declare a draw. The question of greatness remains open. Campaign tagline: “Winning is a state of mind.”

Curiously, the off-pitch cold war between the two seems to persist. At the same time, having published the coveted picture on personal social networks, Ronaldo and Messi marked the main participants in the process in the photo – the cult photographer Anne Leibovitz and the Louis Vuitton brand itself, but did not say a word about each other. In social networks, Messi’s picture collected 22 million likes in a day, Ronaldo’s – 27 million. For both, this is an absolute record in the likes of fans.

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And although some professional photographers, having studied the picture under a magnifying glass, immediately stated that the players were photographed separately and not even on suitcases, this absolutely does not spoil the overall impression and wow effect.

Let’s see if these two clash on the fields of Qatar in the next couple of weeks. We are packing our bags!

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