Will Smith returns to film for the first time since the Oscars scandal 


Not so long ago, Will Smith publicly apologized for the incident at the Oscars. Recall that he hit comedian Chris Rock for a bad joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. But it seems that the comedian did not really believe him: Rock ridiculed the actor’s behavior at his very first performance. However, the Netflix film company, which suspended cooperation with the star after the scandal, had a positive effect on the actor’s words.

It is reported that they are ready to meet with the actor again to discuss the filming of his biopic. “After that slap, Will was left behind by Netflix and Apple TV+. He apologized and retired from the limelight for an extended period. Enough time has passed since then for the dust of those events to settle and everyone to calm down. The slap and its aftermath, of course, were the turning points in Will’s life and may now be part of the storyline of his biopic. In any case, Netflix wants to again participate in the negotiations for the filming of this film, and Will’s team has no doubt that Apple will follow suit, ”quotes the Daily Mail insider.

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By the way, Will Smith’s ex-wife supported him. “I just want people to let him be human and forgive his mistake. I really hope so, ”said the ex-wife of the actor.

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