Joyful News from Evgeny Kot and Natalia Tatarintseva

A couple of talented choreographers and recognized stars of Ukrainian show business, Evgeny Kot and Natalia Tatarintseva, surprised their fans with happy news: on Christmas Day they announced their future parenthood, expecting the birth of their first child.

The couple shared an incredible video. In the video, Zhenya and Natalia organize their “wedding” ceremony by pouring earth and grain into a jug and pouring water over it, accompanied by a folk lullaby. This tender moment is accompanied by the crying of a child, making the announcement of the event even more emotional.

“Today, on Christmas Day, we share with you our great joy and sincerely thank everyone who wished us to fulfill our most important dream for our family! We are waiting for you, our Miracle,” Natalia wrote in the video description.

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Now that Natalia is in her second trimester, they are looking forward to welcoming a new member of their family. The couple promises to share this happy event with their fans by posting many photos and updates about their biggest adventure yet.

True love and a great desire to become parents overcame all the difficulties that accompanied this journey. Evgeny Kot and Natalia Tatarintseva have given their audience a piece of their happiness, and now together with them, we are waiting for the birth of a new life that will undoubtedly bring even more joy and love.

This great joy also calls us not only to rejoice for future parents, but also to think about the difficulties of those children who have been orphaned by the war. The couple Kot and Tatarintseva noted that they might adopt a child who was left without parents. This is evidence of great love and responsibility to the world.

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