Johnny Depp made a settlement with a crew member who accused him of beating him

Another victory for Camila Vasquez: Johnny Depp’s lawyer has reached a settlement with Greg “Rocky” Brooks, who previously accused the actor of beating and “causing him emotional distress” on the set of the 2018 film City of Lies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Pirates of the Caribbean star will have to fulfill the terms of the agreement by the end of August. Unfortunately, the details of the document are kept secret.

As we wrote earlier, a few weeks ago, location manager Greg “Rocky” Brooks filed a lawsuit against the actor. The man claimed that on the set of the picture, Johnny shouted obscenities at him, punched him twice in the ribs, and then offered him $ 100,000 for hitting him back. Greg also stated that he was fired after he refused to sign paperwork stating he would not sue over the incident.

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