Britney Spears signs $15 million memoir deal

Britney Spears has signed a $15 million book deal. The singer is preparing to release her memoirs, where she will tell what she had to endure for 13 years under the guardianship of her father. According to The Page Six sources, only former US President Barack Obama had a more expensive contract with a publishing house.

After the release of Britney Spears from the custody of her father, her war with the family never ended. It must be admitted that it was indeed a very difficult period in the life of the singer, and now she, like no other, needs support. As Britney herself says, her fiancé was the only person who did not leave her for a minute and did his best to morally help.

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Perhaps the decision to write a memoir passed to Britney after the publication of her sister Jamie Lynn’s book. According to the singer, she blatantly slandered her, so her time has come to tell the truth.

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