The Killing Eve star is set to star with Robert Downey Jr. in the adaptation of the famous novel

In the summer it became known that Robert Downey Jr. will star in the film adaptation of the novel “The Sympathizer” by writer Viet Thanh Nguyen, awarded the Pulitzer Prize. The day before, it was reported that HBO and A24 are already working on a mini-series in which, in addition to Robert, the star of the TV series Killing Eve, Sandra Oh, will star.

The showrunners of the project were Don McKellar and Park Chan-wook. Filming is underway in Los Angeles and Thailand.

Recall that The Sympathizer was released in 2015 and was recognized as the bestseller of the year by The New York Times magazine. The book is about a man who was a double agent during the Vietnam War, sympathetic to both sides of the conflict. Subsequently, he became a political prisoner in the United States.

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