“Britney Free”: Social Networks Celebrate Britney Spears’ Release From Her Father’s Long-term Guardianship

The fans threw a holiday on this day.

On November 12, a Los Angeles court finally terminated the custody of the American singer Britney Spears. For 13 years, her father, Jamie, strictly controlled almost all areas of his daughter’s life, including finances, work issues and her personal life. Without his permission, the star could not even buy a cup of coffee.

A significant role in the release of Britney from custody was played by her fans, who launched the #FreeBritney movement.

“Oh my God, I love my fans so much, this is crazy !!! I think I’ll cry for the rest of the day !!! The best day of my life… thank God… can I get a blessing???”, – said Britney in social networks on the day of her release.

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