Another blow: Angelina Jolie sold joint property with Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie sold joint property with Brad Pitt

It became known that Angelina Jolie sold her share of the French estate worth $164 million, which is also owned by Brad Pitt.

The actress sold her shares to the Tenute del Mondo wine group, a faction of the Stoli Group, which also owns Masseto and Ornellaia. The price of the deal is still unknown.

Earlier it was reported that amid the ongoing divorce proceedings, the 46-year-old star had problems selling his shares in Quimicum, the company that owns the castle. Later, she went to court with a request to allow the sale, despite the fact that the divorce has not yet been completed (now there is a division of property and a struggle for custody of children).

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Brad Pitt’s Mondo Bongo company separately filed a property claim against Nouvel’s company in order to retain a majority stake and be the first to buy back Angelina’s shares.

When they first acquired their shares in Quimicum in 2008, their personal companies split ownership by 60-40, with Mondo Bongo gaining a majority stake. In 2013, the distribution was 50-50. The documents claimed that Brad sold Angelina shares in 2013 “at a symbolic price of 1 euro, which is below the true value of her share.” Brad wanted the share transfer to be canceled.

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