Taliban appoint two women to leadership positions in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the Taliban announced the appointment of women to leadership positions in the country. Deutsche Welle talks about it. The publication notes that this decision could be influenced by the repeated meetings of the Taliban with representatives of other states and international organizations.

Thus, Dr. Malalai Rahim became the director of a specialized maternity hospital in Kabul, which is the only such obstetric and gynecological institution in the entire country. In addition, Dr. Ariane has been appointed director of a gynecological clinic in the Shahrar quarter of the capital, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Higher Education and with the approval of the prime minister of the interim government.

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Despite the allegedly “pro-feminist” actions of the Taliban, many of the group’s initiatives to promote women’s rights raise questions from the international community. Recall that Afghan female students are required to wear a niqab and study separately from men. Also, Afghan women are forbidden to play sports, and the workers of the Kabul urban system are not allowed to go to work if their duties can be performed by men.

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