Polina Nioly Pushkareva: The main thing is lightness in relation to life

Polina Nioly Pushkareva: The main thing is lightness in relation to life

Polina, you are 24, you live in New York, you own a company, star in Hollywood films and are among the VIP guests at the Cannes Film Festival and other coolest international events. Millions of girls dream of living in such a fairy tale. But I know that hard work is behind this tale. Today I ask you to tell me about your way of achieving this success and about your plans for the future and the goals that you set for yourself.

First of all, I want to start with the question: what age did you realize that you want to live differently? When did you understand that you needed to take action?

No matter how self-centered it may sound, however, from childhood I had a feeling that I would achieve something. But I never understood HOW exactly I would do it. Probably, I realized that I needed to change something in 2018, when I graduated from the university. On the day of the announcement of the grade for the diploma, I packed my suitcase and flew to Paris. I understood that if I now wait for the presentation of my diploma, I will never get out of the stereotypical life that every normal person «should have». I understood that I needed to do at least something for my dream.

When did you decide to move to the USA?

I am currently in the United States with a 3-year visa. The longer I stay here, the more I understand that I do not want to connect my life with this country. I may want to move to Mexico or other countries, I have not yet decided exactly.

Who influenced your decisions? Perhaps your parents and those who know you? Still, society forms our consciousness.

I completely disagree with this statement. It is not society that forms our consciousness, but our ambitions and desires. My friends are ordinary guys who make a little money, but who have a lot of ideas and potential.

I am very much driven by negative energy. People who hate me stimulate me to achieve even greater success, earn millions more. So thank you!

You have over a million followers on Instagram. You are also the blogger followed by a million, on top of all your other accomplishments. I personally follow you and I see that you work more than hang out. Although at 24 years old, many behave exactly the opposite. Who are you so determined towards? Is it heredity? How could you accustom yourself to hard work?

I’m not purposeful at all, but rather lazy. I can take on a lot and not bring these things to the end. And I don’t see anything wrong with that. But I understand that work=results. I need fame, money, and achievement. And parties won’t help me with that. Moreover, parties are alcohol, dancing until the morning, the next day I will have to recover. I’m too lazy to do this.

Now, of course, I want to talk about the red carpet, about the fairy tale that millions of girls around the world dream of to be invited to the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, to walk the red carpet with Hollywood stars and the most rated people in the world. Tell us about your impressions and emotions. What do you feel when you walk the red carpet?

I don’t really like what’s going on inside the film industry. The film industry inside is vulgar, people are very spoiled. But I’m crazy about the red carpet. I love the feeling of a world event that I am at. When I step onto the red carpet, I am completely focused: the flashes of cameras aimed at me. The festival is always interesting, but it is very exhausting. I cannot call myself a fan of film festivals. It’s very sad that many celebrities come to the film festival and don’t even go to the movies. It would probably be more correct if people associated with cinema came to film festivals, and not models and celebrities who do not even want to know more about this industry.

And also tell me who helped you choose the looks? What brands did you wear? Tell me more about your looks during the festival.

Nobody helped me to select looks, I choose everything myself. I don’t advertise, I don’t promote anyone. Therefore, I pay for everything myself. Unlike other celebrities, I have freedom of choice. If I want a green dress, and the brand I work with does not have such a green dress, I will buy what I like.

What are your most vivid impressions and acquaintances at the 74th Cannes Film Festival?

All the acquaintances were useful. The Cannes Film Festival is always more of an opportunity for collaboration. But here I would most likely mark not the people, but the film with Catherine Deneuve, which amazed me. I have a great fear of death, and it was this film that touched on the issue of death. While watching the film, I was in tears and applauded for 10 minutes. As if the creators read my mind.

Let’s talk about movies. How did you come to the idea that you need to connect your life with the film industry? Was it a childhood dream? Or did your investment and desire to make money lead you to the film industry? On your blog, you write that you are also investing in films, in addition to being filmed.

I do not plan to link my life with the film industry. This was not my childhood dream. As soon as I watch the movie, I’ll forget it in two minutes. I don’t know any actors. Cinema is self-education first of all for me. Now I have acting coaching. We study the history of cinema, how films are created correctly. For me, this is primarily an opportunity to educate myself. I like to feel like I was part of something. It’s nice to see projects that grow thanks to your investment.

Tell us what film project you are working on now. I know that you will be starring in a movie with a Hollywood actor. What is this movie? When is the shooting? We are waiting for hot details.

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We are currently filming in Malta with actor Frank Grillo. Also involved in the film are actors from the TV series «Lucifer» and «Riverdale». This is probably the first film where I know all the actors with whom I will work. This is an action movie. Although this is not the genre that interests me, after reading the script, I realized that the film would be impressive. The viewers will definitely love it. Filming will take place at the end of September, but it has already begun. I have a lot of jumps in the film (Smiles).

Considering that we are more of a fashion magazine, I can’t help but talk to you about fashion. By the way, I saw on your blog that you are about to launch a line of underwear. Tell us more about this. What stage is the project at?

For me, this is a very important project, which I am doing for the first time not for the sake of money. For me, this is a challenge to the world. There are good brands of lingerie in Russia, but this is handicraft production. Manufacturers do not worry about fabrics and environmental friendliness. They have no certification. In the United States and elsewhere, the situation is different. There are no brands of beautiful lingerie. There is an Agent Provocateur. These are beautiful lingerie, but they are expensive and hardly anyone wears them every day. This price does not match the quality. My eyes lit up. I am confident that my team and I can make a difference with lingerie.

We are now stuck on sustainability. Almost all brands that claim to be sustainable are not. We don’t have the resources to create a completely sustainable brand. But we strive for maximum environmental friendliness: we order fabrics from algae, we are looking for the best materials.

Tell us about your personal preferences. I realized that probably some of my favorites are Birkin bags by Hermès . Or am I wrong?

I love my Birkin and am planning to buy a few more bags for the collection. They are just like children to me. I cannot say that I have preferences in fashion. I have a very different style. But I really love interesting cuts and colors. I need paints, unusual textures. Only black does not suit me. In real life, I don’t think when I dress, if I want it – I put it on.

Tell us about your favorite brands. What style of clothing do you prefer?

I have no favorite brands. I support local designers. If I come to some country, I buy their outfits. My principled position is not to buy fast fashion. I do not buy Zara, H&M. These brands are taboo as they are destroying our planet. I support budding designers, and from the influential brands I like Dior. If I had to wear one brand for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Dior.

I also want to talk about life in New York. You often write that you love New York, you love the hustle and bustle, but living there is not always comfortable. What are the positive and negative aspects of life in New York that you could point out?

New York is an emotionally exhausting city. You can be here for a week, but it will seem to you that you have been here for a month. But there is always something to do here, as if you are in the capital of the whole world. Since childhood, I had a dream to live in all countries. New York is the place that gives me this opportunity. In fact, the city is located in the United States, but I do not feel that this is just one country. I have friends from India, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia. In New York, you are in all countries of the world at the same time.

The disadvantages are, of course, a lot of garbage on the street, and crazy people who can’t keep up with the rhythm of the city.

Life in New York is very expensive: Birkin bags and other branded items. Do you need to make millions for this? What project brought your first million?

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I am no longer interested in branded items. I don’t know why I am making money. I can earn them – I earn them. I do cool projects that people think are valuable enough to make that money. Now I need money for growth, so that I always have the opportunity to launch larger projects.

The first million was brought to me by blogger management, as well as courses and consultations that I conducted. It was quite recently – in the spring of 2019.

What project did you earn your first money on?

I made my first money as a fast food waiter. This was my first full-time job. I worked 14 hours, went to work for an hour and a half. It was a very cool experience.

I know that you are buying a house in Los Angeles. Tell me, have you already chosen a home? Are you going to live there or is it an investment?

I chose a house, but I do not plan to live there. Most likely I will come there for the winter in January and February. For me, this is an investment, an opportunity for stability. Neither me nor my family have ever had their own living space. For me, buying a house is an opportunity to close this gestalt.

Tell us about projects that I may not know about, have not seen in your blog. They may be in your head, but you haven’t announced them yet.

We are now creating an educational program for children that should change the way we approach education around the world. This is probably the biggest project I have ever created. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide details. But on the island, I already told Richard Branson about this idea. And he said it was a very cool idea. If the billionaire appreciated this project, then I think that it will definitely be successful.

Of course, the goal and mission of this interview is to convey to young girls that you can always achieve everything by yourself, even if you are from a poor family, without the support of some rich sponsor. You are a real confirmation of this. I ask you to give guidance for girls who choose not quite the right path for themselves in achieving their goals.

I understand that young girls have such thoughts in the format «I will not achieve anything». The main thing here is to make yourself feel like a rock star. You should have a feeling in your head «I don’t care, I’m moving on.» There should be lightness in relation to life. The rock star approach is one of the main principles of my life.

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