Oleksander Kozyr: Master of Media Art and Architect of Odessa’s Cultural Life

Every man is a projection of his hidden ego. Even if he has worked in the media sphere for many years, you can always sense his hidden emotions in every part of his creativity. This comes in handy because the hero of today’s story about people who have created and continue to shape the spirit of the cultural life of Ukraine’s southern capital of style and creativity is not just someone who has dictated behavioral models. They have created trends, and perspectives for many years. He also supports the youth in their secretive pursuits.

To understand the soul of our hero, one only needs to look at his projects. These include more than 8 television channels and dozens of various TV shows at regional and national levels. Today, the Honored Journalist of Ukraine and recipient of the “For Merits” orders, Oleksander Kozyr is the General Producer of KOZYR DIGITAL media holding, which unites various media platforms (television, radio, online projects, including Telegram channels). The media holding is also known for conducting National Ratings: Top Doctor of Ukraine and Scientific Leader of Ukraine, as well as festivals, creative contests, and exhibitions. The principles laid down at the beginning of his career have been the key to a great future.

Oleksander’s first steps in journalism were taken while he was still a student, working in the youth editorial office of the city’s main newspaper, “Evening Odessa.” Two years later, his first television program aired on the state television studio in Odessa.

“Many recall those times as difficult times of the country’s independence, but for me, there was no possibility to stop or wait. We needed to work for the audience. Sometimes we stayed up until dawn editing our programs. And we were happy that we could bring the truth to our viewers,” recalls Oleksander Kozyr.

It was then that the main principles of the future media holding were formed, namely, open discussions on topics that concern viewers. From economic to political issues, ending with simple advice, even on preserving health, getting married, or maintaining the strength of open relationships. And behind these projects stood not only TV journalists, operators, or scriptwriters, but also specialists on each specific issue discussed in the studio.

So, it is not surprising that such projects quickly gained audience support. But that was only part of the journey because it was necessary to captivate the audience not only with bold projects but also to immerse them in the middle of the action. Thus, along with analytical and current affairs projects, Oleksander Kozyr’s channels began to feature entertaining online shows, such as “Kozyr Wedding” or gaining popularity among youth “Star Dogs” and “Karaoke Championship.”

“I always wanted to make entertainment shows. So that people only received positive emotions and had the opportunity to share them with those around them,” says Oleksander Kozyr. “We use all possibilities to ensure our work brings only positivity.”

In the last 20 years, Oleksander Kozyr has created, produced, and launched more than 10 television channels. While in Kyiv, they were still pondering the concept of a “niche” channel, in Odesa, studios were already working that catered specifically to a particular audience, exclusively according to their preferences. And by 2021, Oleksander Kozyr had launched a national television channel headquartered in Kyiv. However, Russia’s full-scale invasion partially thwarted these plans.

Even during wartime, Oleksander Kozyr and his team of professionals continue to work and create new media projects, utilizing the possibilities of modern technologies.

According to him, people will always seek positive emotions, so there is always a lot of work ahead of us.

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