The incendiary melody of speed: insights into the life and talent of Maria Solovyova

young and talented Maria Solovyova

Today, we have an incredible opportunity to delve into the world of one talented individual. I am pleased to introduce you to our special guest, the young and talented Maria Solovyova. She is not only a singer but also an extremely active and interesting person. We talked to Maria about her passion for music, sports, and how she manages to combine all of this. Read it right now.


How do you manage to combine your career as a singer with tennis, karting, participation in majorette and taekwondo? How do you organize your time?

I’m very lucky because most of my classes at school are taekwondo, singing, piano, and chess. So my day is carefully planned. But summer vacation is a time for new adventures. Tennis, rock climbing and go-karting became my real friends on vacation.

Maria Solovyova posing with pleasure

Despite your age, you already have experience performing in front of large audiences and on television. Tell us how early you started playing music and how hard is it for you to combine everything.

My friends from school and I started our musical adventure at the age of three. From the very beginning, we managed to find a common language in music and on stage. Now, as we are growing up, this joint musical journey is becoming even more meaningful to us.

We seemed to have grown up with the stage, performing even when we were in kindergarten. We remember our first performances for parents and friends when the stage was a place of fun and unforgettable moments for us. Over the years, we became more confident, expanded our repertoire, and got on TV, which was an incredibly exciting experience for us.

The camera and studio recording of songs have become part of our daily creative work. We are already accustomed to the studio process and feel at home in this environment. It helps us to improve our skills and convey our emotions through music.

This routine yet exciting work helps us grow as musicians, refines our skills, and teaches us discipline and responsibility. It reminds us that music is not only about performing on stage but also about the hard work behind the scenes that shape us as artists and individuals.

Maria have passion for music and sports

How does sport influence your musical and stage performance? Do you find any similarities between music and sports?

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Sports have had a significant impact on my musical and stage performance. For example, my passion for cheerleading teaches me more control over my body and movements and develops my coordination. This is extremely important when I perform on stage – I can better control my movements and emotions to better express the meaning of the music.

In addition, through sports, I learned to listen to my body more and understand how it works. This helps me when I sing because I can control my breathing and vocal techniques more easily.

As for the similarities between music and sports, both require dedication, patience, and determination. Just like in music, where you have to learn new songs and techniques, in sports it is important to constantly improve and overcome your limitations. Also, both of these aspects of my life help me to develop discipline and organization, which is very important in achieving success regardless of the field.

So, sports and music are integral parts of my life that complement each other and contribute to my growth as an artist.

Adorable look of little Solovyova

When and why did you become interested in karting? What exactly attracts you to this sport and how does it affect your development as a person?

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Every year my parents bought me a bike, first without pedals and then with pedals. But now, surprisingly, I don’t care about cycling, even though both my father and mother often use bicycles in the summer. But when they bought me my first car, I liked it. I remember when my dad brought my first electric car home with my mom.  It was a delight from the first second.  Since then, the car has become my favorite “toy”. Now I have a children’s ATV, which I love just as much.

Perhaps it’s because I have a competitive spirit and love speed.


Tell us about your yellow belt in taekwondo. How did you manage to achieve this result, and why did you decide to take up this particular type of martial arts?

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As a child, I grew up, and my hobbies and interests changed. However, there are some things that remain constant even today – singing, playing the piano and taekwondo. We have a wonderful coach who tells us about her achievements and goals in taekwondo. Being able to stand up for yourself for self-defense, to be strong not only physically but also spiritually, I think, will always be useful.

However, this academic year I intend to go dancing. It will be difficult to find a balance between all these activities, but I will have to choose.

Marble Maria Solovyova in spectacular dress

Are there any similarities between your approach to performing on stage and competing in tennis, karting, and taekwondo? How do you transfer your skills from one area to another?

Rather, I just switch from one area to another… I always knew where I’m going and what rehearsal or training is waiting for me. I am always open to new things, I am interested in trying something new to open up even more opportunities for myself.

Stretching, leg endurance, attention, hearing – all of this helps me become better, faster and stronger. However, I realize that as I get older, I will spend more time studying, especially English and Italian. So some things may become less important over time, of course. But now I want to try as much as possible, because it will definitely give me more opportunities, and most importantly, I will understand what I really want and what I like.

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