Every Dream Counts: Unveiling Anna Lobodenko’s Journey and Ideals

Today’s interview shines a spotlight on Anna Lobodenko, a dynamic and accomplished individual whose life story embodies strength and inspiration. We explore her journey, beliefs, and the meaningful pursuits that define her.

Anna, hello! Could you share a bit about yourself? Who are you, what’s your profession, and what kind of family did you grow up in?

Hello! I hail from Nova Kakhovka in Kherson, born to a family of humble origins. My dad was a driver, and my mom worked in a hospital. Post 9th grade, I pursued hairdressing, as medical school was beyond our financial reach. To further my studies, I became a florist and later, a single mother. My life was filled with challenges, but I persevered.

My interest in psychology sparked from a chance encounter online, leading me to delve into self-discovery and personal therapy over three years. Now, I’m based in Germany with my family, learning the language.

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What drives you in life?

Currently, I aspire for freedom and hope to inspire others that it’s attainable. The future is unknown, but the pursuit of freedom is a constant.

Why did you choose psychology, and what aspects fascinate you?

Psychology intrigued me as a means for self-growth. I’m captivated by the profound exploration of one’s inner self, seeking answers to my soul’s queries.

As a mother, what parenting values do you hold dear?

I emphasize my daughter’s freedom of choice and unconditional support, despite the challenges. At 9 years old, she’s taught me much, and I strive to foster a healthy, non-obligatory gratitude in her. Tell us about your involvement with homeless animal fundraising. My love for animals drives my compassion for their plight. They need simple things: shelter, kindness, and warmth. I find joy in helping them.

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How do you manage your active lifestyle, including sports, travel, and motherhood?

I travel with my daughter, valuing our time together. My mother’s support is invaluable, allowing me to balance my responsibilities and savor every moment with my daughter.

What does modeling mean to you?

Modeling, for me, is about honesty – both from the agency and personally. It’s about authenticity and giving my all, both in front of the camera and in life.

Your experience in Mrs. Ukraine International, how did it impact you?

The Mrs. Ukraine International contest was a dream come true, reminiscent of a Cinderella story. It was an opportunity to live out a childhood fantasy, embrace my beauty, and showcase my strengths in a magnificent setting.

How do beauty contests influence your life and your ability to empower other women?

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Participating in beauty contests is a transformative experience. It allows women to discover and celebrate their uniqueness, confront insecurities, and recognize their potential. My aim is to encourage women to embrace risk, believe in themselves, and inspire others. By participating, I hope to lead by example.

What is your deepest dream?

My current dream, deeply emotional, is to visit my hometown, now under occupation, and pay respects at my father’s grave. He passed away at the war’s onset, and I couldn’t bid farewell. This longing reflects the value of life and being with loved ones. Like many Ukrainians, I dream of returning home and yearn for peace in Ukraine. This dream transcends material desires, highlighting the significance of life and connections.

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