The COAT by Katya Silchenko Celebrates a New Fashion Season with the Launch of PURITY DROP

On the occasion of designer Katya Silchenko’s birthday, her brand the COAT is embarking on a new chapter in fashion by introducing their latest collection, PURITY DROP.

This collection symbolizes rejuvenation and the reimagining of oneself, both inside and out. The essence of the drop is captured through two voluminous denim textures: “pique” with jacquard weaving and a fabric named “chenille.” These materials are complemented by semi-transparent dresses, delicate lingerie, and fine cashmere, creating a harmonious ensemble.

“In our photoshoot, we stripped away the superfluous to reveal the essence. We wanted to show that comfortable and basic items can be sexy, reflecting our inner state,” shares Yevgeniya Skvarska, the stylist of the shoot.

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“I have been developing the concept of this collection for a long time. We aimed to move beyond classic denim to highlight the voluminous balloon shoulders and silhouettes of the collection through the texture of the fabrics. Months of communication with factories and attending exhibitions like Premiere Vision Paris and Milano Unica have helped us bring this vision to life,” explains Katya Silchenko, the designer and creative director of the COAT.

A highlight of the shoot’s design was a designer chair, customized with textured fabric from the collection, adding an extra layer of depth and style to the photoshoot.

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