Sentsov’s film “Rhino” about the turbulent 90s in Ukraine to be shown in Venice. The first trailer is impressive

Sentsov's film "Rhino" about the turbulent 90s in Ukraine to be shown in Venice

Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov presented the trailer for his new film “Rhino”. The film unfolds the story of a former criminal, nicknamed Rhino, who remembers his life from childhood. The plot is based on real events of the 90s in Ukraine, and the world premiere will take place on September 10 as part of the “Horizons” section of the 78th Venice Film Festival.

According to director Oleg Sentsov, films about this period have not yet been shot in Ukrainian cinema. And although there are many films about the criminal environment and bandits, most of all he is interested in a person: his actions, feelings and decisions.

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“Rhino” tells the story of a young guy who finds himself in the criminal world. The hero will have to face fights, murders, the loss of a family and other events that lead him completely not where he expected. Despite the fact that cruelty was the norm in the 90s, there was still hope, so the hero realizes his mistakes of the past and tries to correct them.

The main roles were played by Sergei Filimonov, Evgeny Chernikov, Evgeny Grigoriev and Alina Zevakova.

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