Scandals and investigations at the Tokyo Olympics

Scandals and investigations at the Tokyo Olympics

Scandals, intrigues, investigations. All this happens at the Tokyo Olympics. Athletes are caught drinking alcohol, showing forbidden gestures and making loud statements.

Alcoholic party, and not just anywhere, but in the Olympic village. Well, just think, athletes are people too! But the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games does not think so. There they conducted an investigation on the trail of fun. The incident took place on July 31st. The Organizing Committee reported that they know the participants of the intoxicating party.

Masa Takaya, Official Representative of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee:

– We are investigating the situation and, based on the results obtained, we must take appropriate measures.

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The organizers did not report on the number or to any national team. By the way, you can drink alcohol in the Olympic village. True, only alone. Violators are threatened with removal from the village and even denial of accreditation.

While some celebrated their performances at the Olympics, others thought about retirement.

First transgender sportsman finishes a career

New Zealand athlete Laurel Hubbard has failed to complete a single successful attempt in women’s weightlifting competition. However, she made history as the first open trans woman to compete in a major event in the world of sports. The 43-year-old New Zealander is twice the age of the other competitors in her weight class. And now it’s time to think about retirement, said the athlete.

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Laurel Hubbard, transgender weightlifter:

– I don’t think I am doing something historical. I believe that as we move into a new and more understanding world, people begin to realize that people like me are just people.

She was born a man and has been involved in weightlifting since childhood. She changed her gender 8 years ago. She was allowed to compete for women at the conclusion of the International Olympic Committee in 2015. True, this decision sparked a heated debate over whether an athlete born to a man would have an advantage over rivals who were born to women.

Olympiad is a small copy of the world. Here scandals are not only domestic, but also political.

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