Scandal on the set: Burak Ozchivit faces a prison term

Burak Ozchivit remains the most popular actor in Turkey. Married to the equally stellar actress Fahriye Evgen, he brings up a two-year-old son, Karan.

Until recently, Ozchivit had an impeccable reputation. However, now his name is often featured in the Turkish media, and in a negative context. In the coming days, the Beykoz District Court will begin class action hearings against the actor.

The film crew complained about Burak for the fact that in October, during the filming of the series “Foundation: Osman”, he behaved aggressively towards colleagues, cursed and threatened.

However, the star denies his guilt. In his opinion, these are the machinations of ill-wishers, and he himself is in excellent relations with colleagues.

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For insulting several people, Burak can face from three months to four years in prison.

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