In India, Siamese twins received two positions in the civil service

19-year-old Siamese twins from Punjab, abandoned by their parents, got their first job. They will work for a state corporation and receive two salaries, writes the Independent.
Sohna and Mohna Singh were born in 2003 in New Delhi. They have two hearts, two pairs of arms, two kidneys, and two spinal cords, but one liver, gallbladder, spleen, and one pair of legs. Doctors refused to separate them, saying that the procedure was too risky and could lead to death.

The parents abandoned the twins, so from infancy they lived in an orphanage in New Delhi. According to their former caregivers, they knew how to fix things from childhood and tried to help with fixing any broken equipment in the orphanage.

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Now the 19-year-old twins will work as electricians at the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited and earn £ 100 a month. The twins have graduated in electronics and will work in the control room, where they will look after the electrical appliances. According to them, it will be a “dream job” for them:

“We are grateful to the Punjab government for recognizing our talent,” the twins told The Independent.

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