Flight attendant wants to seal the mouth of the child on the plane and runs into a scandal

Flight attendant wants to seal the mouth of the child on the plane

In the United States, a flight attendant offered to seal the mouth of a two-year-old girl with a medical mask and ran into a scandal from her parents. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred during a Southwest Airlines flight from Florida to Virginia. An American woman, who was flying with a small child, was approached by a flight attendant and asked to put on protective equipment.

However, the girl began to resist – according to her mother, she wanted to suck her thumb in her mouth, as this calms her down on takeoff. Then the flight attendant offered the family two options – to put on a mask on the child and cut a hole for the finger or stick it to the face.

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The idea of an airline employee angered the woman. “I understand that in the current conditions, wearing a mask is a rule for everyone, but such an absurdity with regard to my child goes beyond any limits,” she commented on the situation in an interview with the publication.

The traveler later filed a complaint with Southwest Airlines. The airline representatives replied that all passengers over two years of age must wear masks during the flight. At the same time, the woman was apologized and promised that they would have a conversation with the stewardess about ethical standards.

Earlier in August, an American flight attendant publicly humiliated a passenger over her overly revealing outfit and threatened to throw her out of the plane. The stewardess did not like the girl’s short shorts and crop-top, which is why she promised to kick the passenger out of the flight if she “didn’t cover up”.

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