Meta adds a feature to protect against harassment in virtual reality

Meta will implement “personal boundaries” in its virtual reality services to protect users from sexualized harassment and harassment. This was reported in the official blog of the company. The new tool will keep avatars at least 1.2 meters apart and prevent them from getting closer, which the company says will help prevent “unwanted interactions” among users. The feature will work by default and cannot be disabled.

“We are intentionally introducing the ‘personal boundaries’ feature by default because we believe it will help shape the norms of user behavior. This is important for such a new environment as VR, Meta noted. “In the future, we will look into adding new controls and UI changes, such as allowing people to customize the size of their personal borders.”

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We will remind, earlier the Meta beta tester told that she was subjected to sexualized harassment in the Horizon Worlds metaverse. According to the tester, while walking through virtual reality, one of the users allowed himself to touch the girl’s avatar and feel it – he did not receive consent to this, but other users supported his behavior.

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