Korea begins to use AI to detect people who are about to jump from a bridge


The 28 bridges that cross the Han River are known as the most popular suicide spots in Seoul. Now they are using new technology with artificial intelligence to timely track those who are about to jump. Thus, the city authorities hope to minimize the number of suicides, writes Insider.
According to statistics from the Korea Times, about 500 people try to commit suicide every year on bridges over the Han River. To prevent this, the South Korean capital has installed a new video surveillance system programmed to detect behavior typical of those who intend to commit suicide. Cameras record people staying on the bridge for too long, checking their findings against other surveillance footage in the same area. The system then sends signals to rescue teams in the vicinity.

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“The most important thing in rescuing people who are trying to commit suicide is to stop them before they are in the water. The AI ​​system now selects footage of suspicious behavior and triggers an alarm so that rescuers can respond much faster, “says a spokesman for the Seoul Fire and Rescue Center.

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