Japanese scientists develop glowing masks to detect coronavirus

Japanese scientists from the University of Kyoto Prefecture are about to provide the world with so-called filter masks – they begin to glow when exposed to the COVID-19 virus. To develop a revolutionary novelty, they used antibodies extracted from ostrich eggs. If the invention passes all clinical trials, it will be the easiest and most economical way to test for covid.

How it works. In February of this year, the team injected a dormant and benign form of coronavirus into female ostriches and extracted antibodies from their eggs. Then these antibodies were integrated into a fluorescent dye. When the dye is sprayed onto the specially designed filter of the mask, the fabric glows green, indicating the presence of coronavirus.

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The team conducted initial tests with 32 people infected with the coronavirus, in which all the masks they were wearing were glowing under ultraviolet light. The head of the development team, Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, himself discovered that he had contracted the coronavirus while wearing one of the experimental masks, later the result was confirmed by a traditional PCR test. The team intends to get government approval to sell the masks next year.

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