References to archives – in the new collection of Alexander McQueen

new collection of Alexander McQueen

A new collection by Alexander McQueen was shown in London. When creative director Sarah Burton worked on the brand’s first offline show after the outbreak of the pandemic, she was inspired by the archival work of Alexander McQueen. For example, the famous Oyster Dress and the fall 1996 collection called “Dante”.

“I love the idea that the McQueen woman is a storm chaser, and the qualities of storm chasing bring together a passionately individual community of characters trying on these clothes. They inhabit the same universe, and clothing is inspired by and made for them. Chasing storms is not only about the beauty of the views, but also about the mystery and excitement – about accepting the fact that we can never be sure of what will happen,” says Sarah Burton.

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The first live show of Alexander McQueen after the pandemic, the designer dedicated to the brand’s community of employees. And the collection is dedicated to the life after the pandemic.

It includes suits with zip details, hybrid outfits, fitted trench coats and dresses, as well as blouses with lantern sleeves, asymmetric tulle skirts and outfits in a combination of denim and leather. In addition, the brand featured fringed dresses reminiscent of McQueen’s famous Oyster Dress, blazer dresses with puff sleeves, and open-back taffeta and fine silk dresses that reminded Sarah Burton of denim from Alexander McQueen’s 1996 fall collection.

“For the past year, I’ve been wondering, ‘How does [material] move on the body? With difficulty? “If with difficulty, then I do not need it, I should get rid of it. Perhaps it is beautiful, perhaps it [the outfit] could hang on a stand, on a mannequin, and look wonderful somewhere in a museum. But I wanted someone who tried it on to feel beautiful – and that’s my job,” says Sarah Burton.

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