Pantone has published the 10 best colors for 2022

Pantone has published the 10 best colors for 2022

Shades epitomize people’s need for comfort and clarity after the pandemic

The colors of the upcoming Spring / Summer 2022 New York Fashion Week shows reflect people’s desire for balance in the face of changing lifestyles, according to Pantone experts. These colors demonstrate the need for comfort, clarity and safety. At the same time, there are new vibrant hues that reflect free optimism and a sense of awakening from the pandemic.

The Spring/Summer 2022 NYFW Color Palette:

Spun Sugar – Spun Sugar is a sweetened pastel with an airy nature.

Gossamer Pink – Soft and powdery Gossamer Pink has a light and tender touch.

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Innuendo – High visibility Innuendo sends a tantalizing message.

Skydiver – Skydiver inspires us to new heights.

Daffodil – Joyful Daffodil connects us to the spontaneity of a spring garden.

Glacier Lake – Calming and cooling Glacier Lake conveys serenity and quietude.

Harbor Blue – Harbor Blue reflects our search for a safe space.

Coca Mocha – Tasty Coca Mocha warms the spirit.

Dahlia – Dahlia is a stand-out purple exuding a dynamic vibe.

Poinciana – A commanding heated red, Poinciana makes a dramatic statement.

The Spring/Summer 2022 Core Classics:

Snow White – Snow White is a clean and pure white, expressive of our desire for simplicity and uninterrupted inner peace.

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Perfectly Pale – A subtle sandy beige, Perfectly Pale speaks to the soothing comfort of a warm, inviting beach.

Basil – Sweet and savory Basil emanates health and wellness.

Northern Droplet – Northern Droplet is a pale gray that instills feelings of tranquility.

Poppy Seed – The silent power of deep gray Poppy Seed contains timeless familiarity.

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