Dolce Gabbana children’s collection for 2021-2020 gives freshness

Дитяча колекція Дольче Габбана на 2021-2020

The Dolce & Gabbana children’s collection for 2021-2020 is replete with innovative design ideas and gives any child a pleasant freshness of perception of the world around him.

Differences of the new collection

Young lovers of mother’s outfits will be incredibly happy, because the Dolce & Gabbana children’s collection approximately repeats fashion trends for older ladies. For example, straight cut dresses with a floral pattern will look very good on little ladies, especially if you choose a colorful combination of black silk and snow-white field chamomile.

You can choose bright dresses with real masterpieces of art, or simpler white dresses with black geometric patterns on the entire surface.

Quality materials and the right accessories will ensure a flawless appearance, and for a long time. For boys, there are also suits for every taste – from classic black and gray, to the same cage and cropped trousers.

Spring – Summer

For the spring, you should buy a stylish A-line coat with a fur collar. We advise you to choose a solid bottom – either gray trousers complete with shoes of the same color, or black to contrast with a brighter top.

But for the first cool days, it would be better to choose raincoats of a delicate sandy shade, and so that the children do not get bored, choose one bright detail for your look – a scarf, dress, shoes or hat.

Young princesses will surely like a cape coat, which looks very, very similar to a royal cape. The pattern deserves special attention here – birds and any forest animals will come in handy.

For boys, you should definitely purchase a hoodie with a gangster pattern or a sleeveless jacket with a synthetic winterizer in a rich cherry color. There is also a series of outerwear and sweaters with images of historical figures, and they are made as if they were applied to the genealogy of the coat of arms.

This year’s Dolce & Gabbana collection for boys is, first of all, restrained colors and classic gentlemen silhouettes. Arrow pants, cardigans, coats, shirts, etc. From clothes, the fashion house prefers sweaters and turtlenecks under the throat, as well as jeans made of denim and corduroy.

Children’s dress

The collection of children’s dresses of the fashion brand is extremely huge and varied: from school cages to elegant silk models that are worthy of an evening out. The first thing to remember is bright colors, which must be present in children’s clothes.

The second is, of course, drawing and geometric patterns.

The fashion house’s favorite drawing for the coming season is a carnation that shines in all its glory and in all kinds of clothes (from trousers to tops, from coats to dresses). Complete with clothes in the Spanish style, incredibly interesting dresses are obtained that even very adult women of fashion will envy. But the most chic is the combination of several patterns and designs on one canvas. The result is chic polka-dot dresses with poppy and carnation images.


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