Bigfoot and hundreds of feathers: what does the new Bottega Veneta collection look like? Spoiler: awesome

what does the new Bottega Veneta collection look like

For some time now, the creative director of Bottega Veneta, Daniel Lee, decided to hold shows of new collections in the strictest secrecy – only the closest friends of the brand are allowed to the show, who then cannot talk about what they saw. “What was at the show remains at the show.” Just like in Vegas. That is why interest in the brand, judging by all sorts of ratings, is growing exponentially. So we were waiting for the “release” with great impatience, literally crossing out the days on the calendar. Day X came on the 3d of September – the designer has finally presented a new autumn-winter collection. Perhaps one of its best.

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Especially for the collection, the Bottega Veneta team independently developed all the fabrics: from leather to stretch denim, which was decorated with thousands of feathers. But the most noticeable things were fur coats – each of them consisted of voluminous fur “pipes”, because of which the coats resembled Bigfoot. Leather boots have become no less noticeable in the collection – it seems that they will take the place of multi-colored rubber boots this season.

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