Yasmin Elif Kochdemir: Strive to become better every day

Yasmin Elif Kochdemir

Talented children always evoke the most positive emotions from both parents and others. It is impossible not to admire them, one cannot but be proud of them. At their young age, they often achieve much more than any of the adults, but at the same time remain just as spontaneous and cheerful.

One of these children is Yasmin Elif Kochdemir, who became the heroine of our latest issue. She is engaged in acting, choreography, and vocals. Yasmin is a multifaceted personality, but her main hobby is YouTube and Instagram blog. We could not help but talk with her about how she manages to do everything, and what advice she can give other children who dream of such a life. This amazing girl says smart, wise things beyond her years that open the eyes of even adults to a lot. We invite you to get to know Yasmin better. 

Hello Yasmin. Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Yasmin. I’m 10 years old. I am engaged in vocals, acting, photo modeling, and also I am a blogger. As a vocalist, I am just starting my way, but I already have three author’s songs. «Song about YouTube» is a song about a joyful and cheerful, but not quite easy life on YouTube. In the song «I Dream» I expressed my wishes for a world without war, since this topic remains important for our country. And for my third song «Pretending» I got rotation on Fashion TV and performed it in Turkey. And I used to do the martial art «Wushu», so I certainly won’t let myself be offended (Smiles).

You really have a lot of hobbies. Who supports you in your endeavors?

I have a very large and great support group. But, first of all, my family supports me. Since I am half Turkish, I have many relatives in Turkey who love me very much. But most of all I am grateful to my parents. Thank them very much for always being there, giving me the necessary advice. Their love is what motivates me and gives me strength to move forward.

How about school performance? Does creativity interfere with your studies?

No way. I believe that everything depends on the person, their motivation and the goals that they set for themselves. I am in the fourth grade of the Mriya school. I really like my school. I have amazing teachers and classmates there. Additionally, I study foreign languages ​​and open new horizons for myself every day. I enjoy exploring new cultures by learning the language. Therefore, I want to learn many languages. I already know English well, and I speak Turkish fluently.

At such a young age, you have achieved considerable success. What is the most important title for you?

Each title, each new victory became special and important for me, because together with them I received new impressions, new friends, new desires and dreams.

I participated in the «Rating of 100 young talents of the Odessa region 2019», organized by the charitable foundation «Journalists for Democracy» and the information agency «Odessa-Media». I took 1st place in the general voting! Like a blogger! I am very proud of this.

Tell us about your blog on Youtube and Instagram. How did you start?

My very first steps in blogging are my interviews with the stars in the program «Stars with Yasmin». It was on YouTube, where I discussed with actors, singers and athletes about their difficulties and successes in their careers. I also reviewed the news about the world of YouTube, and, of course, filmed vlogs about my life, hobbies and leisure.

Now on my Youtube channel «Yasmisha», you can see my music videos for the songs that I have already talked about earlier.

I also love blogging on Instagram. This is my PR tool for the modeling and media business. There I post all the photos from the brightest photo shoots and magazines. But, of course, people love entertainment, and I love humor (Smiles). That’s why my team and I shoot humorous vines. Their main feature is that every person who watches them recognizes himself there. Life is very different, but the situations are very similar. This is our main stake in humor. If you want to cheer yourself up, then you definitely need to visit my account!

Photo shoots, filming and blogging are your daily routine. Don’t you get tired of such a schedule?

Sometimes, of course, I get tired, but often I catch myself thinking that I want to have even more time to manage to combine all my hobbies and fulfill desires.

When you grow up, do you dream of becoming a famous blogger or influencer?

No, blogging is my hobby. I like to shoot. But I want to become a judge and make the world a better place. And I will shoot for my own pleasure.

What is your secret of success?

I have no secrets, I just work hard to achieve my goals. I have a fairly busy schedule: daily rehearsals for acting, singing, shooting a blog, extra classes and studying at school. But, first of all, I believe that my secret of success is the ability to remain myself, be friendly, polite and do good to people.

You manage to inspire everyone you meet. Tell me, what advice would you give our readers?

Only move forward, despite the obstacles in life. Strive to become better every day. If you work hard on your dream, then you will definitely succeed. Do not be afraid and believe in yourself!

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