Why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Christmas card upset Elizabeth II

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle literally “blew up” the Internet with a positive: the Californian royal family published a Christmas card with children. And if earlier the Duke and Duchess hid them, this time they delighted their fans and made a bright, cheerful and open photo. There was no limit to the celebration: finally, Harry and Megan showed not only the grown-up Archie, but also the six-month-old baby Lilibet Diana. It seemed that it was impossible to find fault with photography – relaxed clothes, smiles and positive family charmed everyone.

But as it became known thanks to the royal insider Neil Sean, the new postcard contains encrypted messages that disappointed the queen. First, instead of the traditional British greeting “Merry Christmas”, Harry and Meghan used the American “Happy Holidays”. This upset Elizabeth II, because she is the head of the church, and Christmas is the main holiday that personifies family values.

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“Her Majesty was hurt, as for her the holiday carries a deep sacred essence, both for the monarch and for the head of the family. From childhood, she taught her children and grandchildren to respect religious traditions. This is the first Christmas without Prince Philip, and Prince Harry spent all his Christmas holidays with his grandparents. For Elizabeth II, this Americanism became a symbol of her grandson abandoning his roots. ”

Also, Buckingham Palace criticized the chosen clothing for the photographs.

“Ragged jeans and bare feet are more representative of rebellious teenagers than royals who hold titles and do charity work.”

However, if the criticism of clothing does not seem entirely objective, then the chosen congratulation really suggests thoughts. Also, one of the hidden messages was Prince Harry’s bracelets, which he wears almost without taking off. He acquired them during a trip to Africa when he learned of the death of Lady Dee. So, probably, these bracelets still “anchor” his memories, and he, in turn, continues to mourn the tragedy. But the duke did not make references to Prince Philip, who died this year. Although each member of the royal family made a Christmas homage in honor of his memory in his own way: Elizabeth II put on a brooch dear to her heart (a reference to the honeymoon), and Kate Middleton – a dress in red, which is the “double” of the outfit from the funeral.

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