Jay-Z is sued by the company that created his signature fragrance

Last Friday, Jay-Z appeared before the Manhattan Supreme Court to testify against the perfume company Parlux. The plaintiff claims that the musician was unable to “properly market his Gold Jay-Z colognes line,” resulting in a loss of $ 18 million in revenue. The rapper believes that he fulfilled his contract with Parlux and is filing a counterclaim against the company, in which he demands the recovery in the amount of $2.7 million.

During the hearing, communication between Parlux and Jay-Z’s lawyers was intense. The musician confirmed his innocence, declaring to the court: “You judge me for what I did not do.”

In response, the legal team of the perfume company delved deeper into the details of the contract, pointing the rapper to a section of the document he had signed that “called for promotional promos” and went on the offensive: “You didn’t do that, did you?”

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The skirmish lasted long enough, Parlux lawyers pressed that it was impossible to sell a personalized celebrity fragrance without being included in the advertising and PR of the celebrity itself, while Jay-Z pretended (or pretended) that he did not understand this and was waiting for more than $2,7 million in royalties.

We are waiting for the event development.

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