Gabriella Massanga launches her own project on YouTube

Famous TV and radio presenter Gabriella Massanga has launched her own project on YouTube.
According to the girl, she has long wanted to launch her project on YouTube, since this format of content delivery provides excellent opportunities to communicate with the viewer more closely.
“The topics of the releases are interesting for myself, and of course, for my followers,” says the presenter.
If you are interested in wellness topics, news about technologies in the world of the beauty industry, you are ready to debunk myths together with the presenter and discover the truth about beauty and harmony, sex and the psychology of relationships, you want to know why sports and proper nutrition are so important, then this channel is for you!

Of course, you will learn the point of view of well-known experts in these areas, you will find exclusive interviews with the stars of the world of art and show business, bloggers and other interesting people.
The YouTube channel of the star is called “SHO U MASSANGI”.
The premiere of the first program took place on January 14. New videos will be released on Fridays.

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