Beyoncé is at the center of controversy

This summer, Beyoncé released her long-awaited seventh solo album, Renaissance, for the first time in six years. He immediately took a leading position in the world charts, thanks to which the singer, by the way, got into the Guinness Book of Records. As usual, the release of the pop diva was not without scandals. Beyonce was accused of plagiarism, incorrect and offensive use of some expressions in the songs, after which she even had to cut them. And it seemed that the excitement around the new album subsided, but no. What happened this time?

On the eve of the Network, they again began to discuss the release of Beyoncé, or rather the very cover of the Renaissance album. The designer of the corset, in which the singer sits on a translucent horse, did not receive a cent. “I didn’t get paid for this,” he wrote on his social media, posting that same photo of Beyoncé. Moreover, his name was not mentioned anywhere. Designer Nusi Quero publicly reached out to Beyoncé’s stylist who worked on the shoot.

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“As Beyoncé’s stylist, I expected the best from you and your team. But since you do not respond to my messages and letters, I believe that I can only state this here before settling this matter legally, since you have not paid me and my colleague for three months already.

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