Actress Lily Collins is the new Cartier Ambassador

Lily Collins is the new Cartier Ambassador

Lily Collins starred in the campaign for the Cartier Clash [Un]limited collection and the Double C de Cartier handbags. The actress has become the new brand ambassador alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Troy Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang.

Lily Collins showcases jewelry from the new capsule collection, which includes rings, bracelets, earrings and watches set in white gold with diamonds and onyx and amethyst studs, in campaign footage by American photographer Zoe Gertner.

“My mom always wore a Cartier men’s watch when I was growing up,” says Collins. “I remember that I liked the way they looked on her wrist, and then on my eighteenth birthday my mother gave me a watch, saying that she would be with me all my life. I just have these family memories of home.”

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“When it came to expressing the duality of Clash [Un]limited jewelry, Lily Collins was the obvious choice. Unusual and purposeful, Lily Collins personifies a new generation of artists who dare to reveal their different sides, sometimes classic and elegant, sometimes creative, sometimes even extravagant. In general, people who do not limit themselves,” says Arno Carres, director of international marketing and communications for Cartier International.

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