Polish authorities launch an ad for life in Auschwitz

The Polish authorities have launched an advertising campaign to attract new residents to Auschwitz.

Local government initiated the promotion of life in Auschwitz. The goal of the campaign is to encourage citizens of all ages to choose Auschwitz as a permanent place of residence and to demonstrate its strengths.

It is noted that the placed billboards contain information about affordable housing and infrastructure in the city, opportunities for education and employment. “Why live in Auschwitz? Because it is a dynamically changing city, ”said Mayor Janusz Hwerut. At the moment, about 38 thousand people live in the city.

During the Second World War, about 1.3 million people were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, of which 1.1 million died. According to other estimates, up to four million people died in the camp. The complex is considered the largest and longest-lived Nazi death camp, one of the main symbols of the Holocaust.

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