North Korea banned leather trench coats to prevent people from imitating Kim Jong-un’s fashion style

North Korea has banned leather trench coats to prevent ordinary citizens from copying their leader’s style. Police are already seizing shipments of raincoats from retail outlets, Insider reports citing Radio Free Asia.
After the young men began to imitate Kim Jong-un’s style, they were banned from wearing black leather trench coats. If the police spot an intruder, his raincoat will be confiscated. Leather trench coats are also known to have gained popularity among North Korean women after being worn by the leader’s sister, Kim Yeo-jung.

According to Radio Free Asia, leather goods are very expensive in North Korea, with genuine leather coats costing $ 34 and faux leather coats $ 16. With an average annual income of about $ 200 for a Korean, a leather trench coat that costs two salaries is a real luxury. This prompted clothing sellers to start purchasing synthetic leather overseas.

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Young people are protesting, saying that they bought the coats with their own money and there is no reason to confiscate them. To which the police respond that wearing clothing similar to the style of senior management is “a trend that challenges the authority of the highest dignity.” The authorities have instructed the public not to wear leather coats because it is part of the party’s directive to decide who can wear them.

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