Czech Prime Minister said that Brussels “interferes in the election campaign” in the country

Czech Prime Minister said that Brussels "interferes in the election campaign" in the country

Brussels allegedly interferes in the pre-election campaign in the Czech Republic ahead of the upcoming October 8 and 9 elections to the Chamber of Deputies (lower house of parliament). This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Republic Andrej Babiš in an interview.

“Brussels is interfering in our election campaign, on which it should not speak out. It’s none of their business! We are a free and sovereign country,” Babiš said.

Pressure on the European Commission (EC) with the aim of interfering in the internal affairs of the Czech Republic is exerted, first of all, by the MEPs from the opposition parties of the republic, the prime minister said.

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He criticized the activities of the Deputy Chairman of the EC, the European Commissioner for Transparency Vera Yurova. She, according to Babish, teaches the political movement ANO (“Action of dissatisfied citizens”), headed by him, about which political subjects the authorities should cooperate with and whom to reject. “It’s none of her business. This does not concern her. She should not speak out on this (issue),” the prime minister said.

Except for the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland feel the interference of the governing bodies of the EU in internal affairs. The European Parliament is doing this especially actively. The purpose of these actions is to influence the results of the parliamentary elections, Andrej Babiš said.

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