Young Singer Sophia Nersesyan Dedicates Song to Freedom Fighters

Ukrainian volunteer and young singer Sophia Nersesyan presents her new song “We Need to Stand,” a response to the complex events in Ukraine’s modern history.

The song “We Need to Stand” resonates as an anthem of courage and dedication, telling the story of the Ukrainian people’s struggle. Its lyrics, filled with deep emotion and passion, speak of the Ukrainians’ unbreakable faith in their country, despite the challenges.

It’s a call to never give up, to keep moving forward, fighting and helping every day. In the music video for the song, Sophia highlights the issue of the captured soldiers of the “Azov” battalion, who have played a significant role in defending Ukraine. The main character of the video is Anatoliy Basenko, known as “Bas,” who can rightfully be called a hero of our time, fighting for Ukraine since 2014.

“Bas” is one of the volunteers who flew by helicopter into Mariupol in late March 2022, which was then surrounded by the Russian army. He was wounded, underwent limb amputation, and then endured Russian captivity before his much-awaited return to Ukraine. “Bas’s” life is a story of dedication, bravery, and determination, leaving indelible marks in Ukraine’s history.

Sophia Nersesyan, along with the song’s creative team, has crafted an unforgettable musical piece that remains relevant to every Ukrainian. “We Need to Stand” is a monument to strength, dedication, and love for Ukraine.

Support Ukrainian music and the spirit of the nation with Sophia Nersesyan’s song “We Need to Stand”!


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The song is now available on all music platforms!


Additional Note: Sophia Nersesyan continues her active involvement in volunteer work. Recently, a unique steel emblem of Ukraine, produced at the Azovstal plant, was sold for $2,000 at an auction she organized. This emblem was a gift to Sophia in recognition of her assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and for creating the patriotic song “We Need to Stand.” All proceeds have been directed to aid Ukraine’s defenders.


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