The Universe Always Has Grand Plans for Us

In life, we often encounter surprises that change our plans and open doors to new opportunities. Our guest, Kateryna, is a shining example of how sometimes the Universe has grand plans for us. In this interview, we will discuss how she adapted to new circumstances and continues to pursue her creative dreams despite unexpected twists of fate.

Kateryna, we are delighted to welcome you back to our editorial office. This time, in a slightly different, more enriched role (laughs). Have you joined the baby boom mainstream as well?

Hello! It seems so (laughs). It was like a bolt from the blue. We see many beautiful and romantic stories about planned and dreamed-of pregnancies nowadays. But this time, it wasn’t my case. Maybe my husband quietly planned it, but he hasn’t admitted it yet (laughs).

So, we understand that your life plans were entirely different?

Absolutely! Everyone who has followed me for the past two years knows that I am a mother of three wonderful children who started a singing career. I thought I had fulfilled my mission of having children and moved on to realizing my creative dreams. This meant constant vocal lessons, selecting and recording songs, and shooting music videos. Overall, it is a beautiful, atmospheric, artistic life. But, as they say, “Man proposes, God disposes” (laughs). God had bigger plans for me, and a new super project emerged — a new life (laughs).

Tell us about your feelings and thoughts when you realized you were carrying a new life.

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At first, I didn’t feel any changes at all. It’s strange because I am an experienced mother (laughs) and surely couldn’t have missed such things. I was probably so engrossed in the creative process, which was new for me at that time, that I attributed the slight dizziness and irritability to fatigue and insincerity in people. My team and I were in the intense process of filming a music video for the song “Titans”. The pace was quite high because we had to quickly wrap up all the filming processes and return to my kids. We finished, I returned home. And then, like in a fairy tale (laughs), I found out I was pregnant. My first reaction was, “Well, here we go”. My second reaction was to call my manager and tell her that we were “done”. She laughed and said, “Katya, I have two pieces of good news for you. First, you haven’t come down with some unknown exhausting disease (to be honest, I had such thoughts), on the contrary, you are healthier than ever. Second, people are not as bad as you thought. You just had an exaggerated reaction.” My third reaction was joy from realizing that I am healthy, people are not bad, and a new life has begun inside me. But now, how do I balance creative ambitions, raising children, and pregnancy? It’s a challenge with a star (laughs).

Let’s go back to Katya, the singer. There is a wonderful project called BOBOVA. In the last article, you mentioned that you sing about women in all their manifestations. Do you think new motherhood will affect your style and repertoire?

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All life events influence our worldviews and feelings. By the way, I have an unsung and unrecorded lullaby. Gentle, tender, deep. It was written for me by my friend TAYANNA. I am confident that after the birth of my fourth child, it will be the first one I record. But before my recent pregnancy, I was more eager to showcase a sensual woman rather than a motherly woman. You can see and hear this in the songs “Wild Orchid” and “Titans“.

It’s fascinating to watch you now and will be even more interesting after the birth of your child. It’s like leveling up in a game (laughs). How do you plan to balance dreams, plans, and duties?

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Absolutely, I won’t give up on my dreams and creative plans! Listen to your feelings, find a balance between “I want” and “I want, but a bit later” (laughs). Do everything with pleasure and within your resources. Then, I will be able to share all my positive feminine and maternal energy with my family and you, my dear fans.

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