A little world citizen: The life and hobbies of 3-year-old Nikolette Matskiv

Little bilingual Nikolette Matskiv

In today’s multinational world, we often meet children who speak several languages and have multifaceted interests. One of these charming individuals is 3-year-old Nikolette Matskiv, a girl from a multilingual family living in the United States and passionate about various arts and sports.


Nikolette Matskiv has a Ukrainian mother and father from North Macedonia, which allows her to enjoy the richness of cultures and languages. In their family, everyone speaks Ukrainian, and she speaks Macedonian with her Macedonian relatives and friends. However, English has also taken an important place in little Nikolett’s heart. Thanks to her father and mother’s communication in English and watching cartoons, she easily mastered this language. The girl is very obedient, and together with her parents she has already visited 22 countries. Since she was 3 months old, she has been traveling in the United States, and since she was 6 months old, she has been abroad.

English in Nikolett's heart.

One of Nikolette’s hobbies is dancing. She is already attending ballet classes and is interested in various dance styles. The girl is so energetic and expressive that even in a restaurant, she can’t help but dance to the music. This shows that dancing has become an integral part of her life. The parents are also considering enrolling Nikolette in Latin ballroom dancing, feeling that it could be an additional source of joy for her and an activity in which she will unleash her potential.

Although Nicolette doesn’t limit herself to dancing – she also goes swimming and soccer. Her parents support her diversity of interests and skills, and they watch her development with great pleasure.

Little Nikolette has her favorite activities

Of course, little Nikolette has her favorite activities outside of sports and dancing. For example, she is not indifferent to cooking and baking and already has the skills to prepare some simple dishes under the guidance of her mother. She also likes to go shopping with her parents and actively participates in the process of choosing goods. Her parents admire the fact that Nikolette can always select one item she likes and does not throw tantrums like many children her age.


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Mom and Dad feel proud of their little girl. They support her interests and hobbies and help her develop her language skills and cultural understanding. Little Nikolette is a living example of how a small age does not limit the love of life and the desire to explore the world. Her interests and skills are so diverse that she has already enriched her life with incredible impressions and experiences. And we can say that the future belongs to little global citizens like Nikolette.


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