Irina Kzhemanovskaya stars for Charity Calendar 2022

Charity Calendar is a charity project initiated by Amillidius and Elvira Gavrilova. The proceeds from the sale of the calendar are used to buy gifts for children who are deprived of parental warmth.

The theme of the calendar changes every year. This year pandemic is the theme of the calendar. Julia Lyatavskaya created unique masks from natural flowers, which famous Ukrainian women put on for a photo shoot.

One of the participants was Irina Kzhemanovskaya.

We talked with her about the problem of orphanhood in our world and her participation in the project.

“The problem of orphanhood is more urgent than ever, it is one of the most acute social problems of the modern world, which calls into question the level of its development and civilization. Orphanhood, as a social problem, has existed for as long as human society. It is almost impossible to eliminate the factor of orphanhood, but we need to move in this direction. Thanks to the initiative of Elvira Gavrilova and the company Amillidius, I joined Charity Calendar 2022, which is aimed at raising funds for children from orphanages. The contribution of each person is important, so I ask you to participate in our project by purchasing a calendar, all the money from the sale of which goes to gifts for children,” says Irina.

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