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Born an artist, Kateryna Bobova has devoted her heart and soul to music since her early years. Her journey is a tale of unwavering determination that overcame formidable obstacles on the path to self-realization and artistic excellence. In this article, we will embark on a compelling narrative, exploring Kateryna’s transformation from a singing mother to a celebrated artist, while delving into the profound impressions her work has left on her and her audience.

Kateryna, welcome to the editorial office. We’ve recently started following you and have noticed that you have a vibrant personality. It would be fascinating to share your journey from being a mother to becoming a singer with our readers.

Thank you! Well, it’s not exactly a “from and to” journey, but rather a “with” journey because I successfully combine both roles (laughs).

Let’s begin with an introduction. I’m Kateryna Bobova. I’m a mother of three and I began my singing career just about a year ago.

Please share your story with us. We believe it could inspire our readers to make positive changes in their own lives.

Absolutely! I’d be happy to share. To be honest, the changes that occurred last year weren’t entirely unexpected. I’ve loved singing and performing since childhood, basking in the applause of my friends and family (laughs).

But when the war started, it triggered a reevaluation of my life and my role in the world. This led to a “now or never” decision, as life was so full of colors and sensations that thoughts about self-realization began to emerge beyond the family. I believe all Ukrainians experienced this reevaluation to some extent.

Let’s go through this chronologically (laughs). I’ve already mentioned my creative childhood and the support I received from my family and friends.


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Surprisingly, my education was not creative at all. I studied at the Faculty of Economics at Taras Shevchenko National University, majoring in International Economics. However, this non-creative education gave me the ability to concentrate on tasks, work efficiently, and achieve the best possible results. I’m not bragging; I just want to share more about myself than just being a “mom-singer” or a “star housewife”. Then, I fell in love with someone extraordinary, which led to marriage and three wonderful children. During this phase of life, I dedicated myself entirely to my husband and children, while still sharing my singing talents with family and friends. I even recorded a few songs and videos, dedicating them exclusively to my family. These are our cherished moments.

As my children grew up, I found the opportunity and an irresistible desire to share my music with the world.


What were your first steps in your professional singing career? Were there any doubts or uncertainties?


I did have my doubts, but my initial strides were met with unwavering support from my dear friend, the remarkable Ukrainian singer, TAYANA, Tanya Reshetnyak. Tanya was not only the creative force behind my debut professional song, “Wild Orchid”, but she also served as my guiding mentor during the recording and video production process. It was during this period that the persona of BOBOVA was born, and I like to refer to it as the birth of a star (laughs). This artistic journey was a source of tremendous delight, as I had the privilege to collaborate with exceptionally talented individuals. Those who’ve experienced such a creative odyssey can truly appreciate the exhilaration it brings.


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Can you tell us about your work? What themes do you sing about?


My music is quite diverse. In my song “Wild Orchid”, I portray a light, dreamy, slightly frivolous, yet confident girl. I wanted to show a side of myself beyond being a mother to three children. This song came to life effortlessly and vividly. My second song, “Under the Kyiv Sky”, is about tenderness, sadness, and love. However, the listener can interpret its meaning personally, as many people are separated from loved ones, family, or their hometown. I hope the song inspires people to reach out, call a loved one, hug them, and say, “I love you, know that.”


My third song will be released soon, later this month. If you’re interested in hearing it, please follow me on Instagram. I’d love to hear your feedback.


The concept of “open doors” has undeniably played a pivotal role in my journey. It’s about embracing the opportunity to open one door, which often leads to the discovery of more opportunities behind it. To illustrate this, I recently immersed myself in charity events supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During one particular event in Vienna, I was approached to co-host the evening alongside my singing performance. To add to the excitement, my co-host was none other than Timur Miroshnychenko. Can you imagine the trepidation I felt? I had never ventured into such a public role before, and it felt like something out of a movie, akin to “Runaway Bride” starring Julia Roberts. Despite my initial reservations, I agreed, and it evolved into a fantastic experience. Timur proved to be a consummate professional and a true gentleman, and I’ll proudly recount to my grandchildren that I co-hosted an event with him. This experience served as a valuable lesson, underscoring that our fears are often the only limitations we face.


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How do you manage to balance your roles as a mother and a singer? Do you believe that pursuing an artistic career can create challenges within a family?


Any career can create difficulties within a family if priorities are not managed correctly, disrupting the balance of interaction. This is not the case for me. My husband understands that the best wife is a happy and inspired one, and he strongly supports my creative aspirations. Moreover, I’ve been separated from my husband for extended periods due to the situation in Ukraine. My feelings for him are regularly channeled into my music, a healthier alternative to suffering and self-pity (laughs).


My biggest fan is my son, Mark. He enthusiastically sings along to all my songs, while Sofia and Maria always want to accompany me to my performances. I’m setting an example for my children, showing them that a person can and should explore various facets of life and not be afraid to try new things.



Katya, thank you for this engaging and lively conversation. Is there anything you’d like to add as a final message?

In conclusion, I’d like to emphasize that anyone can overcome their doubts and fears to take a step toward their dreams. Of course, overcoming fear is only the beginning, and hard work is required to achieve those dreams. The main thing is to open the first door!


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