App Store removes the dating site for unvaccinated people

В App Store видалили сайт знайомств

Apple has removed Unjected, the dating app for unvaccinated people from the App Store. Apple noted that the social network violated the company’s policy regarding content about COVID-19 – for example, users of the application called vaccines “biological weapons” and “microchips with nanotechnology.” At the same time, in Unjected, Apple’s actions were perceived as censorship, condemning the company for refusing to grant the right to “freedom of speech.”

Unjected billed itself as “a community of like-minded people supporting medical autonomy and free speech” – the app was created in opposition to dating services Tinder and Badoo, which urge users to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. At the moment, they managed to download it almost 18 thousand times.

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