Pro Ukraine is a project aimed at popularizing everything Ukrainian

Elvira Gavrilova, the founder and editor-in-chief of the Pro Ukraine project, says in an interview that despite living in Portugal for more than 15 years, she always proudly recalls her Ukrainian heritage.

Elvira Gavrilova — the editor-in-chief of Pro Ukraine magazine

She has always leaned toward the idea of creating a project that would promote Ukrainian culture, cuisine, brands, and the fashion industry. Thanks to her goal and perseverance, she finally realized this idea. The author’s only regret is that she did not start this project earlier, but from the moment Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine began.

Pro Ukraine magazine is a print publication with a circulation of 10,000 copies, which is distributed throughout Europe, partly in America, and even enters the Arab market. The publication features sections on the history and culture of Ukraine, as well as fashion and business, including IT technologies, investment projects, and startups. Cinema and Ukrainian show business are also covered. A special emphasis is placed on Ukrainian cuisine, which Elvira Gavrilova considers the most delicious.

Natalia Bondarchuk on the cover of the first issue

The founder of the Pro Ukraine project is Elvira Gavrilova.

Elvira Gavrilova has extensive experience in the international publishing business, where she has been working for over 10 years. She has successfully developed, promoted, and implemented various publications, including Money+, Fostylen, Business ML, and many other projects. She owns an international advertising company called Elledgy Media group, a full-service company, and one of its areas of expertise is concierge services, which cooperates with leading world-class events and galas.

Elvira Gavrilova with Yuriy Gorbunov during a charity event

Beyond these achievements, Elvira is actively involved in charity work. One of her projects, Ukrainians for Ukraine, is designed to raise funds to help Ukraine. Elvira has successfully organized charity events in Greece, Portugal, Austria, and Ukraine, raising more than 7 million UAH to support her country.

Elvira is active not only in publishing and charity. She is also an influential blogger with millions of followers and always impresses her fans with incredible images from the red carpet of the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals.

However, it is worth noting that Elvira is not only a guest at these spectacular events, but also actively produces films. One of her latest film projects starring Eric Roberts was accepted into the competition program of the Cannes Film Festival.

Elvira gives an interview to 1+1 at the Ukrainians for Ukraine charity event

With such an impressive background and diverse interests, the Pro Ukraine project under her leadership promises to be a great success.


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Pro Ukraine, is it a magazine or something more?

As Elvira herself says, Pro Ukraine is her soul. However, if we talk about the project itself, it is not only a magazine but also a charity aimed at helping Ukraine. We should recall that Elvira has previously organized charity evenings called “Ukrainians for Ukraine” which will now be held under the auspices of “Pro Ukraine”. In addition, as part of her promotional activities, she is launching a charity project for young Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are starting in business. Elvira provides them with free support in terms of PR and advertising, helping them to promote their ideas on a charitable basis.

There are also plans to introduce the Top 50 Ukrainian Businesses award during the Cannes Film Festival, which will recognize Ukrainian entrepreneurs who have gained fame not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The Pro Ukraine team is always open to new ideas and suggestions and is actively developing a project aimed at supporting Ukraine and its entrepreneurs.

Elvira Gavrilova with Jamala and the Aviator band

How the first edition of Pro Ukraine Magazine was presented

The presentation of Pro Ukraine magazine was held as part of the 6th Ukrainians for Ukraine charity event, which took place on October 24 in Kyiv at the picturesque Osocor residence. The event was hosted by Yuriy Gorbunov and featured performances by Jamala, KAZKA and Aviator. The event raised over UAH 2 million for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and internally displaced children.

Elvira and Roman Bochkala on charity dinner Ukrainians for Ukraine

Who are the heroes of the first issue of Pro Ukraine Magazine?

We meet Natalia Bondarchuk on the cover of the first issue of the magazine, and this is no coincidence, as she is Elvira’s old colleague, a prominent public figure and philanthropist. Over the years, Natalia has become a well-known initiator of festivals and events aimed at supporting talented Ukrainian youth.

The First Step Festival, which is now in its fifth year thanks to the initiative of Natalia Bondarchuk and other supporters of Ukrainian cinema, has become a unique platform for screening and discussing student film projects created by Ukrainian film schools.

A lot raffled off at a charity event where Pro Ukraine magazine was presented – a Ukrainian flag signed by Valeriy Zaluzhny

In the “Pro Heroes” section of this edition, readers will find an exclusive interview with Kolya Serga, a participant in the Cultural Forces project. Cultural Forces is an initiative aimed at direct cultural exchange with the military along the front line.

This issue also features an interview with Elvira’s partners in charity, the Volunteer Battalion Charitable Foundation, founded in 2015 to provide the Ukrainian army with non-lethal means to protect the country from Russian aggression. The Foundation actively helps Ukraine and raises funds for important needs.

This issue also features an interview with Vlad Sytnik, known as the “golden voice of Ukraine”. In addition, the issue features an interview with Elvira’s partner, a well-known Ukrainian film producer and philanthropist, Artem Koliubaiev, who actively promotes Ukrainian culture and cinema in the world. His activities include working with the military and supporting essential projects during the war in Ukraine.

A lot raffled off at a charity event where Pro Ukraine magazine was presented – a T-shirt signed by President Zelenskyy

Elvira Gavrilova, editor-in-chief of Pro Ukraine Magazine, on her plans for the project

As mentioned in the previous parts of the article, Elvira has ambitious plans for the Pro Ukraine project. First, in addition to the publication, she is going to expand the charity project and focus on supporting Ukrainian businesses. In addition, she plans to create a prestigious award called Top 50 Ukrainian Businesses. These initiatives promise to make a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian business and introduce Ukrainian culture to the world.


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