Harmony and Creativity: The Design Horizons of Svitlana Gavryliuk

Svitlana Gavryliuk, the founder of SVEKA Design, epitomizes the belief that genuine passion and a creative outlook can revolutionize the world of interior design. Her boundless energy and remarkable talent rally a team of skilled professionals around her. Together, they aim to rethink and refresh our perception of space. In this interview, we delve into the pivotal moments of Svitlana’s career, her approach to design innovation, and the secrets to finding harmony between professional growth and personal development.

Svitlana, your journey from a passion for design to creating a successful interior design studio is inspiring. What moments do you consider pivotal in your professional development?

My path in interior design began with a love for creating beauty and harmony in spaces. The first crucial step for me was deciding to turn my passion into a profession, which required a lot of work and continuous learning. Landing my first major commercial project was another significant milestone that not only tested my skills but also motivated me to further develop and improve myself. I also realized the importance of networking and support in this field, which helped me expand my opportunities and attract new clients. Ultimately, launching my studio became the culmination of this journey, reflecting my achievements and opening new horizons for creativity and innovation.

Today, in addition to developing our studio, we are also proud to have opened our furniture production in Ukraine and Dubai. This step has significantly expanded our capabilities, allowing us to meet our client’s needs at a higher level and enable them to realize their boldest ideas. Now we can guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of each project, meeting even the most demanding requirements. Our approach allows every space to not only serve functional needs but also reflect the client’s personality, which is the foundation of our design philosophy.

In a world where interior design is constantly evolving, which trends are you most excited about today, and how do you integrate them into your work?

In my work, I focus on creating interiors where luxury meets elegant minimalism. I’m captivated by the latest trends in the use of sophisticated finishing materials and unique furniture pieces, allowing me to make spaces not only beautiful but also distinctive. In every project, I strive for excellence, selecting only premium materials and interior details that reflect the refined taste of my clients. By incorporating the latest trends into my designs, I maintain my relevance in the market and offer innovative, aesthetically appealing, yet functional solutions.

What is your latest design that you are particularly fond of, and why?

One of my most significant recent projects was the design of a luxurious hotel in Kazakhstan. This project was a true challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of my experience in interior design. The concept centered on creating a space that harmoniously combined local cultural traditions with contemporary design trends, embodying the luxury and comfort of international standards.

A key element of the design was the integration of natural materials and elements that reflect the natural beauty and richness of Kazakhstan, adhering to high standards of quality and aesthetics. Each room in the hotel was decorated uniquely, where calm color palettes and selected fabrics create an atmosphere of coziness and uniqueness.

Modern lighting technology played a crucial role in this project, allowing us to highlight the architectural beauty of the interiors and add dynamics and volume to the spaces. Special attention was given to the common areas, such as the lobby, restaurants, and relaxation zones, where we aimed to create an impression of elegance, openness, and hospitality.

This hotel project in Kazakhstan was not only a professional achievement for me but also an opportunity to explore new aspects of interior design and apply innovative approaches. I realized the idea of creating a unique and unforgettable space that leaves warm memories in the hearts of guests.

Balancing work and personal interests is crucial for every professional. What advice would you give to those seeking harmony between professional growth and personal development?

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Finding a balance between work and personal interests is crucial for maintaining both productivity and well-being. Here are some tips that can help you find harmony between professional growth and personal development:

  • Plan and Prioritize: Start by identifying what’s most important to you in both work and life. Effective planning allows you to efficiently use your time, ensuring you can engage in key projects as well as personal activities.
  • Set Boundaries: Learn to say “no” to tasks and projects that overburden you or don’t align with your goals. Establishing clear boundaries helps conserve your energy and time for what truly matters.
  • Time for Yourself: Regularly allocate time for hobbies, sports, or relaxation. This will help you unwind and enhance your creativity and productivity at work.
  • Automate and Delegate: Utilize tools for automating routine tasks and don’t hesitate to delegate tasks that others can perform.
  • Self-Care: Don’t neglect your physical and emotional health. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep are the foundations of your productivity and creativity.
  • Track Your Progress: Periodically review your progress, celebrate achievements, and adjust your plans and work methods as necessary.

Remember, balance is not a static state but an ongoing process of adaptation and adjustment, taking into account changes in your life and career.

Expanding a business beyond Ukraine requires considerable effort and strategic planning. What steps do you consider most crucial for achieving international success in the field of interior design?

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Entering the international market with an interior design business is a real challenge that demands meticulous planning. Here are some fundamental steps that can help achieve success abroad:

Research New Markets: Before expanding, it’s important to learn everything about potential markets. Pay attention to cultural nuances, the demand for certain design styles, and local regulations.

Create an International Portfolio: Showcase your best work in a portfolio to attract foreign clients. It’s crucial to demonstrate your uniqueness and adaptability.

Build Connections: Collaborating with local firms and suppliers can help you more easily enter a new market and provide the necessary support.

Focus on Marketing: Develop a marketing strategy that includes online promotion, participation in exhibitions, and publications in specialized magazines to increase your brand’s recognition.

Adapt: Be prepared to alter your designs and working methods according to local conditions and requirements, including the use of local materials and consideration of the climate.

Concentrate on Quality and Service: High-quality work and excellent customer service are the foundation for building strong relationships and trust on an international level.

These steps will require a significant amount of effort and resources, but with the right approach, they will open doors to international success for your business.

Your hobbies, such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and active leisure, undoubtedly add to your strength. How do these interests impact your leadership qualities and communication with your team?

My hobbies, like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and engaging in active leisure, indeed bolster my leadership potential and refine my communication methods with the team. From Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, I’ve learned discipline, the ability to think strategically and to remain calm in challenging situations – invaluable for managing projects and resolving any conflicts. Active leisure recharges me with energy and creativity, crucial for innovation in design.

I also try to involve my colleagues in joint training sessions or active weekends, which helps us bond as a team. These moments allow us to understand each other better beyond work, fostering support and trust among us. Recognizing that each of us has our strengths and unique interests enhances our collaborative work on projects, uniting our talents to achieve common goals.

You’ve mentioned that healthy eating and physical activity are integral parts of your life. How do these principles help you maintain high productivity and creativity in your work?

Healthy eating and consistent physical exercise are cornerstone elements of my lifestyle, and I firmly believe they directly influence my efficiency and creativity at work. A proper diet provides me with energy and helps me maintain focus throughout the day, while regular workouts are a fantastic way to relieve stress and regain mental clarity.

I’ve noticed that systematic exercise allows me to tackle challenges more effectively, enhances my critical thinking skills, and boosts my problem-solving abilities. When my body is in motion, my mind remains active and open to new ideas as well.

Furthermore, by adhering to a healthy lifestyle, I set an example for my team and motivate them to also care for their health and well-being. This creates a positive atmosphere within the group and contributes to our collective productivity.

Your passion for creativity and desire to create beauty are inspiring. What core values and lessons would you like to impart to beginners in the field of interior design?

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My fascination with creativity and beauty is manifested in interior design, where I find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, creating spaces that both impress and inspire. Sharing my experience with young designers, I emphasize the necessity of following one’s vision and intuition when making creative decisions. I believe in lifelong learning, so it’s crucial to continually enrich one’s knowledge by keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, yet not losing sight of classical principles. Experimenting with colors, textures, and materials opens up endless possibilities, and meticulous attention transforms even simple projects into true masterpieces. The challenges we face encourage us to grow and improve. The ability to communicate effectively and work as a team with clients and colleagues plays a pivotal role in the successful realization of projects, elevating them to a new level. Each project should tell a unique story, reflecting the client’s personality and lifestyle because interior design is a language that allows us to convey compelling stories without words.

Recently, you have achieved remarkable success with projects beyond Ukraine. What is your vision for the future of SVEKA Design, and what new horizons do you plan to explore?

The SVEKA Design team has made significant strides forward, completing a series of notable projects abroad, especially in the Middle East, where our achievements in Dubai have been a particular source of pride. These successes have not only solidified our reputation on the international stage but also motivated us for further challenges.

Looking ahead, we set ourselves an ambitious goal—to enter the Miami market by 2024. Known for its demanding design standards and innovation, Miami represents our next step in merging aesthetic beauty with functionality, creating spaces that support comfort and well-being. We see great potential for realizing our ideas in the diversity of architecture and cultural uniqueness of Miami, where our projects will become a vivid expression of our innovative thinking and creative approach, the foundation of our philosophy.

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