Carlsberg offers beer in eco-fiber bottles

The Carlsberg Group has launched a pilot project in which beer consumers are offered bottles made from a new fiber – consumers will see beer in bottles that are biologically produced and can be completely recycled. These bottles will offer beer brewed from organic barley.

The pilot project is being implemented in eight markets: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Poland, Germany and France, producing a total of 8,000 fiber bottles. The new bottled beer will be available to consumers at festivals and events, and will also be delivered through targeted selection to those who want to test the product. Through testing at this scale, Carlsberg will gather feedback from users to help design the next generation of bottles.

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The developers are calling the fiber bottles a major breakthrough in technology because they have a plant-based PEF polymer lining. This idea belongs to Carlsberg partners Avantium. PEF is produced entirely from natural raw materials and is compatible with plastic recycling systems, while being highly biodegradable in nature.

The bottle is 100% organic, with the exception of the cap, which is necessary to ensure the quality of the product. The bottle and cap are fully recyclable. Carlsberg is working with partners to find the right fiber-based bottle cap to ensure that the entire product is sustainable in the future.

The company produces beer from barley grown using fully organic and regenerative farming methods. This is done in collaboration with barley malt supplier Soufflet.

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