In Miami, a millionaire dog sells Madonna’s villa

An unusual sale announcement has surfaced in Miami – a Tuscan-style mansion overlooking the bay is up for sale on behalf of a dog. The nearly $ 32 million villa is owned by a German shepherd named Gunther, according to The Associated Press.
The fact is that the dog’s father inherited a multimillion-dollar trust fund from the late owner, German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein in 1992. Among other things, Gunther’s assets include the eight-bedroom mansion where Madonna used to live. About 20 years ago, dog owners bought a house from the singer for $ 7.5 million. Now the price has risen to almost $ 32 million. As real estate agent Ruthie Assulin told the media, Sylvester Stallone once lived on the same street.
After the mistress’s death, Gunther’s father remained in the care of servants who now continue to take care of her “heir” – they prepare food for him, train him and take him “on vacation” to Milan and the Bahamas. The dog travels in a private jet.

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It is reported that Madonna’s former bedroom was converted into a room, first for Gunther’s predecessor, and then for the current heir to the estate. In the living room above the fireplace hangs a portrait of a dog in a gilded frame.
The decision to sell the house was made by one of Gunther’s guardians, Carl Riccitelli, who manages an approximately $ 500 million trust fund and real estate. Dog guardians are also known to own several sports teams, including soccer teams. Gunther is even sometimes present at competitions and plays with the team in training.

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