Continuation of the scandal: Elon Musk called the head of Twitter to debate

Elon Musk continues to fight for his truth with the head of the social network Twitter. It all started back in the spring, when the billionaire was going to conclude a deal to buy the platform, but this idea was not successful. On the contrary, it became a cause for scandal. A court hearing will take place soon: the owners of Twitter are demanding that it pay a fine of $1 billion for the broken deal. Later, Musk filed a counterclaim, but for now he asked the court to keep the details of the case secret. The first hearing will take place only on 17 October.

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Last weekend, he accused Twitter of fraud, and the day before he decided to call the CEO of the platform, Parag Agrawal, to a public debate in order to once and for all close the issue of fake and spam accounts on Tiwtter.

“Let Agrawal publicly prove that Twitter has less than 5% fake and spam users,” says Elon Musk.

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