Elon Musk founds a new company

Elon Musk founds a new company

American entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk founded a new company Tesla Energy Ventures.

It is indicated that the new Musk’s company will supply electricity directly to customers.

The application filed with the Texas Public Utilities Commission on August 16 is a request to become the REP. In the Texas electricity market, REPs typically buy electricity from electricity producers in bulk and sell it to consumers. More than 100 suppliers are currently competing on the open market.

In addition, the company has filed applications for the use of several separate batteries in Texas operated by Lone Star – 100 and 250 megawatts.

Recall that Blue Origin has filed a lawsuit against NASA over its contract with SpaceX.

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Musk had previously offered NASA assistance in developing spacesuits for a mission to the moon.

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