Why you should eat kiwi for breakfast

Why you should eat kiwi for breakfast

Wanting to add vitamin C to the diet, we usually think of oranges, not even suspecting that kiwi contains twice as much of it.

The first mention of the “Chinese gooseberry” dates back to the XII century – it was in China that kiwi was discovered and cultivated for cultivation for sale, including for import. The exotic fruit came to Europe at the end of the 19th century, and the name kiwi got in New Zealand, apparently because of the similarity with the rare kiwi bird that lives in those parts.


Providing the body with energy thanks to its high content of vitamin C, kiwi is ideal for the menu at the beginning of the day and snacks to keep you awake. Vitamins in this fruit are abundant: K prevents the development of osteoporosis, B9 helps to strengthen the immune system, and E is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and contributes to the proper functioning of the heart. Kiwi is also packed with minerals and trace elements, in particular copper for collagen production and tissue repair, and potassium for proper digestion and muscle tone.

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Throughout its centuries-old history, the fluffy fruit has been used as a healing agent – kiwi is so rich in antioxidants that its daily consumption prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. Regular addition of kiwi to the menu lowers blood triglyceride levels and regulates metabolism. Its active ingredients are concentrated in “good” cholesterol, while reducing the level of “bad”, as well as promote wound healing and recovery from diseases, complications and operations.

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