New mini-series “Inventing Anna” will be released on Netflix

Netflix has revealed a teaser for the highly anticipated series “Inventing Anna” – from the creator of “Bridgerton” and “Grace Anatomy” Shonda Rhimes. The series tells the real story of Anna Delvey, a fake heir who deceived the New York elite and went to jail for her machinations. The role of Anna Delvi is played by actress Julia Garner.

Delvi’s real name is Anna Sorkina. In the early 2000s, she “threw” the elite of Manhattan for hundreds of thousands of dollars, claiming to be the German heiress and allegedly creating a multimillion-dollar art fund, where she accepted donations. The series is based on a large journalistic investigation by New York Magazine, and the main antagonist of Delvi in ​​the plot is journalist Vivienne, who is investigating the case and trying to find out who Anna Delvi really is.

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“Who the hell is Anna Delvi?” – this question sounds at the beginning of the trailer. In the frame, we see many shots of Garner in the role of Delvi with all the attributes of a fraudster: a wide smile, sunglasses, a wallet full of money.

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