Disney Plus to release Kaiser Karl series based on Karl Lagerfeld’s biography of the same name

Disney Plus to release Kaiser Karl

Disney Plus has announced a series called Kaiser Karl. The plot is based on the biography of Karl Lagerfeld of the same name, which was written by journalist Raphaelle Bacque.

The story will cover the period of the designer’s life since 1972 and will trace his desire to become the successor of Coco Chanel. The series will also touch on the rivalry between Lagerfeld and Pierre Berger (Yves Saint Laurent’s partner), as well as his love story with Jacques de Basher.

The six-part drama will be filmed in France. The project will be produced by the Parisian company Gaumont, which worked on the series “Lupin”.

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“We were immediately captivated by the idea of a film adaptation of Bacque’s biography, which would mark the first collaboration between Disney and Gaumont in a French original show. The series captures a unique moment in the transformation of the fashion industry in France in the 70s, embodied by the metamorphosed icon Karl Lagerfeld,” says Pauline Dauvin, vice president of programming and original productions at Walt Disney Company, France.

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